Frank Pouwer

Reclaimed Wood with history

Nothing adds character and authenticity to your project like the use of reclaimed wood with its own unique history. This along with the artisanal care we provide adds an extra layer to its second life, as table, a piece of art or your custom project. 

Assortment and Service

Frank Pouwer has a wide range of products, beams, boards and floors. A permanent stock os different looks, measurements and wood types is our fundament. We specialise in oak, pine, hardwood and maritime construction materials. We can saw custom products and deliver throughout Europe. 

Company and Location

We welcome you on our yard in Doorwerth 6 days a week. We look forward to receive you at our unique location in the nature reserve near the Rhine. You are welcome to select your own wood in the old warehouses of the former brick factory in Doorwerth. Our sales advisors are happy to help and find the perfect beams, boards or flooring for you. 

The Doorwerth castle - anno 1260 – is a few steps away. A unique atmosphere to find and select reclaimed materials.

Sustainable entrepreneurship and 100% FSC recycling 

In addition to a great look and high quality, our materials add sustainability to your project. Nearly all our products are reclaimed wood by origin. When you use our products, no trees needed to be cut in order to realise your project. Our wood is free of chemicals or other environmental threatening processes. 

On request we can provide your wood with a 100 % FSC recycling certificate.


Frank Pouwer, owner of Frank Pouwer Reclaimed Wood, acknowledges the recycling and reclaiming of materials as craftsmanship. ‘’I was sixteen years old when I saw a new country house being built at the Palmesteyn estate near Deil, using the remains of the old castle. This was the starting point for my current enterprise. Ever since this moment I feel passionate about giving honest materials from the past a new life in order to create something new.”

Nowadays, 30 years later, wood is shipped to our yard from all over the world. Examples are barnwood from Canada, castle oak from France, and pine beams from Switzerland. The company has grown to one of Europe’s largest wood traders specialised in reclaimed materials.