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Old wooden wall cladding

Old oak wall cladding

Barnwood wall covering

Reclaimed wood beams

Reclaimed mooring posts

Reclaimed elm beams

Reclaimed Oregon pine beams

Reclaimed oak beams

Reclaimed pine beams

Old oak child beams

Old purlins

Old wooden pedestal

Reclaimed wood planks

Old harbor shelves

Oak railway sleepers

Reclaimed oak winepress planks

Reclaimed pine planks

Oak Reims planks

French oak planks

Reclaimed oak planks

Old oak planks

Barnwood planks

Live edge oak planks

Reclaimed wagon boards

Reclaimed hardwood wagonboards

Reclaimed pine wagonboards

Reclaimed oak wagonboards planed

Reclaimed oak wagonboards brushed

Air dried oak beams

Long oak beams

Oak beams air dried

Oak purlins wind-dried

Long oak planks

Oak slats air dried

Wood flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring

French oak flooring

Reclaimed oregon pine flooring

Old pine floor

Wood ceiling

Old oak roof boarding

Old roof boarding boards

French oak roof boarding

Wood cladding

Oak cladding

Oak table

Reclaimed oak table

Wagon plank table

Oak monastery table

Oak tree trunk table

Old oak outdoor table

Architectural collection

Antique French oak beams

18th century oak beams

Majestic antique oak beams

Silver seasoned oak beams

19th century elm beams


Opened tomorrow from 08:00

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Can I also come to you for one beam or plank?
Definitely! Even for less grand and small plans, everyone is welcome to visit our timber yard in Doorwerth. And even if ideas are still in the early stages and still taking shape … feel free to stop by for inspiration.

Where can I find the prices of the wood?
Our price lists can be found on this page. One of these price lists requires a password. Please contact us to receive them.

Do you have special rates for large (business) orders?
Many things are indeed possible. Contact us for a customized quote.

In what ways can I pay with you?
Payment can be made by cash, pin or VISA or Mastercard.

Do you have oak table tops in the range?
Yes indeed! At our lumber yard we have a continuous stock of about 50 table tops with various appearances and sizes. An idea in your head that is out of stock? Tell us how and what and we’ll look at the possibilities together. Fun to perform it together!

I would like to order wood from you online, is that possible?
Yes indeed! When placing an online order, we also work over the phone anyway: give us directions over the phone (no, it’s not entirely online, it’s still working with nature after all), and we pick out the wood. Photos of the wood we share by email or WhatsApp message and based on these photos the order can be placed. Nice and simple right!!!

I have a wonderful lot of old wood for sale. Are you interested?
Perhaps! Just email any information (photos, wood type, sizes, possible asking price, etc.) to us and we will get back to you. New old wood, always nice!

Where does your wood come from?
Most of the wood comes from France, the rest from other parts of Europe.


Once home with wood from you I still have a question. What to do.
We would like to help, of course! The easiest way is to contact us by phone.

I cannot take the wood directly. Is that a problem?
If the wood is selected with us, it can be picked up at a later time, no problem. However, if the order stays with us for a long time, we will charge additional fees (always by mutual agreement!). But leaving it lying around is not always necessary: we also arrange transportation to a desired location. For more information on this, see the transportation page or contact us.

Can I have the wood cut by you guys?
Definitely! In our yard there are several woodworking machines that allow us to fully customize the wood (except for very large sizes or volumes). The cost depends on the desired operation(s) and volume. We obviously do not charge for cutting one or a few boards. See also the “Sawmill & Machining” page .

I am not completely satisfied with the wood I bought from you anyway.
Please contact us by phone. We want you to be completely satisfied, so there is guaranteed to be a solution that makes everyone happy.

Do you also lay the wood plank flooring for us?
We can give addresses of companies and specialists who can install the wood floor and whom we trust.

Processing the wood

How should I treat the wood so that I can easily clean it?
Our staff will be happy to provide more information about the treatment of the wood purchased. In some cases, it may be necessary (and beautiful!) to treat the wood with oil, soap or a lacquer. This can prevent stains and circles without affecting the color of the wood.

Is the wood worked out?
The great advantage of using old wood is that most of the action is now out of the wood. But … wood is a natural product and, depending on humidity, will always have a bit of work. We recommend storing the wood for 14 days before processing in a room that has the same humidity as the room in which the wood will eventually be used. In addition, we recommend measuring the humidity in the room with a humidity meter. A humidity between 55 and 65 percent is optimal.

Is the wood dry?
This is a question whose answer is complicated. In fact, it depends on many factors. Our staff is happy to provide information on this topic at the lumber yard. So feel free to stop by to discuss. It is always possible to measure the moisture percentage at the lumber yard.

Do the old beams have sufficient bearing capacity for a roof structure?
Most of the range of used beams are more than strong enough for use as construction lumber. Our lumber experts will be happy to provide more information here when you visit our lumber yard. It is always wise to have the dimensions calculated by a structural engineer.

I want to clad a steel H-beam with old wood, is that possible?
Yes, this is possible, it is a nice solution. We recommend paneling the steel beam with planks rather than hollowing out a beam due to the action of the wood. At our office we have a nice example, so feel free to come and take a look.

Can I encounter a critter in the wood?
Most of our range is used wood. We cannot guarantee that a critter lives in the wood. Should there be any doubt about the presence of woodworm, our sales advisors can provide woodworm kill. In that case, treat the wood with it preventively after purchase.

Can you treat wood preventively against woodworm?
We can heat treat the wood upon request. It then receives an ISPM15 certification. However, the risk of a critter can never be completely eliminated. Heat treatment lowers the risk but the wood is not guaranteed to be woodworm-free. The reduction in risk depends on the type of wood and the size of the beam or board. Our wood experts are happy to provide more information on this.

A wood floor combined with underfloor heating, is it possible?
This is possible, provided the underfloor heating is professionally installed using the right materials. Ask our staff at our lumber yard for more information. It’s a fine combination, so worth investigating.