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Old oak wall cladding

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Reclaimed wood beams

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Reclaimed elm beams

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Reclaimed oak beams

Reclaimed pine beams

Old oak child beams

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Old harbor shelves

Oak railway sleepers

Reclaimed oak winepress planks

Reclaimed pine planks

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Reclaimed oak planks

Old oak planks

Barnwood planks

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Reclaimed wagon boards

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Air dried oak beams

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Old oak roof boarding

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Opened tomorrow from 08:00

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Old oak wall cladding

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Wood type
Old oak
100 cm / 150 cm / 200 cm / 250 cm / 300 cm / 400 cm +
Brushed or planed
Wall cladding / Paneling / Interior design
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Old oak wall cladding

There are several reasons why old oak wall cladding can be a popular choice. First, old oak naturally has a beautiful, warm appearance that fits well in both country and modern interiors. Old oak, in addition, often has beautiful wood grain and the ravages of time provide character.

Another reason why old oak wall covering can be popular is because it is durable and environmentally friendly. Reusing old wood reduces the need for new logging, which has a positive effect on the environment. Nice touch!

In addition, old oak can be very sturdy and robust, making it a good choice for wall coverings that need to withstand a bit of wear and tear. It also stands up well to moisture and temperature changes, making it suitable for various rooms in the home.

And perhaps most importantly, old oak wall cladding gives a historic and nostalgic feel to a room. For example, it can be used in an old farmhouse, a rural home but also combined with modern architecture to get the authentic look.

Can I use old oak as an exterior wall covering?

If you decide to use old oak wall cladding outdoors, make sure it is installed properly. The cladding should be properly secured with stainless steel screws and there should be adequate ventilation behind the cladding to prevent moisture problems. In addition, keep in mind that outdoor oak wall coverings can gray and weather due to exposure to the elements. Over time, the oak takes on a silver-gray appearance.


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