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Opened tomorrow from 08:00

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Barnwood planks

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The boards are reclaimed from old barns that are being dismantled. The former facade cladding is well suitable for interior- and architecture projects such as ceiling, panelling, flooring and cladding.

Wood type
Reclaimed pine and oak
250 cm / 300 cm / 350 cm / 400 cm / 450 cm / 500 cm
Unprocessed / Brushed / Tongued and Grooved
Panelling / Flooring / Cladding / Ceiling
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Barnwood: the former facade cladding of old barns and farms in the Alps. It is reclaimed wood that is ready for a second life as wall cladding, panelling, cladding or furniture wood. The material is known for its brown-grey colour. It is available in various lengths up to 5 meters.

What is the origin of barnwood planks?

The wood has served for years as facade cladding on old buildings such as farms and barns high up in the mountains. The area’s continental climate has preserved the wood well. The cold winters and dry summers have prevented rot and, as a result, the wood is recycable with ease.

The characteristic grooves on the old planks are the result of the exposure to the sunlight throughout the years.
When the barns are being demolished, the wood is often preserved and sold to companies that trade historic building materials. After inspecting the reclaimed wood for its quality, we sort it by size and appearance.


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