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Opened tomorrow from 08:00

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Oak tree trunk table

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An oak log table top is suitable as a dining table, of course, but also as a sink top or side table. No tree is the same, so each log table also has its own character.

Wood type
French oak
up to 4 meters
Lengths available
Brushed, planed or sanded
Interior, living kitchen, canopy and office space
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A tree trunk table is instantly and easily recognized: the whimsical shape of the tree is visible on the sides of the table. This irregular natural shape gives the table a quirky character. Frank Pouwer Historic Building Materials is distinguished by its huge stock of old oak logs, allowing furniture makers to select the very finest log planks for a tabletop, side table or bathroom cabinet, for example.

Oak tree trunk table

Currently, the furniture makers have a batch of 18-year-old log planks, which has been stored all this time in the shade of some trees, in the middle of the French Loire region. High-quality solid, French oak that is now fully wind-dried; appropriate and solid material to process into an oak log table.

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