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Opened tomorrow from 08:00

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French oak planks

in stock

We provide French oak planks that have been planed and kiln dried.

Wood type
French oak
200 cm / 220 cm / 250 cm / 300 cm / 350 cm / 400 cm / 500 cm
Table / Interiordesign / Shelves / Flooring / Cladding
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French oak planks

We provide a wide range French oak planks in various lengths. Just like the planed old oak wagon boards and French oak railway sleeper planks, these planks have their own, unique story. For example, our collection contains items from dismantled townhouses, castles or mansions. Before we offer them for sale, we plane them. This creates a straight plank with smooth surfaces. They have a refined look, are also very durable and are therefore often used to lay floors or to make furniture. Since these planks are sawn from old beams, sometimes up to 100 years old, warping is reduced to a minimum. Which is good, because it makes the wood’s characteristics easier to predict.

Due to our wide collection of planks, finding your favourite would seem to be quite a task. Fortunately, they is sorted according to both size and look and you will have the opportunity to select them yourself. This will make it a fun thing to do!

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