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Reclaimed pine beams

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Opened tomorrow from 08:00

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Old oak door

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19th-century oak doors, hand-hewn and sourced from various locations, bring craft and history to a variety of interiors.

Wood type
19th century oak
150 cm to 230 cm
Interior design / Old oak door / Coffee table
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The old oak doors in our collection are authentic testaments to craftsmanship. Manufactured in the 19th century, these doors were carved by hand, as sawing technology was not then available. The trees were cut with simple tools and worked into planks; a carpenter’s axe was enough to make planks from them, which were then suitable for making a door.

Where do the old oak doors come from?

Some still retain their original wooden handle, giving a nice insight into the past. Originally taken from various buildings ranging from old stables and farms to remote mountain huts and manors, these doors carry with them a piece of history.

What can the doors be reused for?

The versatility of these doors is remarkable. In addition to their original function as entrances, they can serve as unique coffee tables or be reused as cabinet doors, their character adding a special atmosphere to any interior.

vary in height, from 150 cm approximately 230 cm, and in width between 65 and 120 cm. Currently, the collection includes about a dozen of these antique oak doors, each with its own story and unique look.

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