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Reclaimed wood beams

Reclaimed pine beams

Reclaimed mooring posts

Reclaimed elm beams

Reclaimed Oak Joists

Reclaimed Oregon pine beams

Reclaimed oak beams

Reclaimed wood planks

Oud Hout

Oak railway sleepers

Reclaimed oak winepress planks

Reclaimed pine planks

Barnwood planks

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Reclaimed oak planks

Live edge oak planks

Reclaimed wagon boards

Reclaimed hardwood wagonboards

Reclaimed pine wagonboards

Reclaimed oak wagonboards planed

Reclaimed oak wagonboards brushed

Air dried oak beams

Long oak beams

Oak beam 30×40 cm

Oak beams air dried

Oak purlins air dried

Wood flooring

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Reclaimed oak flooring

French oak flooring

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Oak ceiling planks

Wood cladding

Oak cladding

Oak table

Reclaimed oak table

Architectural collection

Antique French oak beams

18th century oak beams

Majestic antique oak beams

Silver seasoned oak beams

19th century elm beams


Opened today until 17:00

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Architectural collection

Bespoke oak beam selections.

Antique French oak beams

Many centuries ago, French farmers frequently owned land containing oak forests, which proved to be highly practical. These trees served a dual purpose – they were used for constructing buildings...

18th century oak beams

To begin, these beams all trace their heritage to a single structure, ensuring a harmonious blend of patina, dimensions, and color. The original building, once nestled in the Poitiers region of...

Majestic antique oak beams

Crafting a narrative that intertwines history and design, I present to you four magnificent antique oak beams, each spanning over 8 meters. Originating from a vast French Grange, these beams exude a...

Silver seasoned oak beams

For an interior project, architects sought a selection of silver seasoned oak beams exuding a serene, gray aesthetic. Our commitment to understanding their vision led us to meticulously curate this...

19th century elm beams

In an era where elm is increasingly scarce due to Dutch elm disease, these lengthy, rare elm beams stand as a testament to our discovery. Elevate your design with the exclusive charm of elm wood,...

Architectural collection