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Tips and tricks for an (old) oak wall shelf!

Many interior design enthusiasts strive to enrich their space with an atmospheric addition to the wall: the oak wall shelf. It fits into almost any living space, from the kitchen to the living room to the bedroom to the hallway. For those looking for a unique wall shelf that stands out from all other standard wall shelves, we are happy to share some valuable tips and tricks!

What should I look for in a wooden wall shelf?

When considering an (old) oak wall shelf, there are several mounting options, with blind or floating mounting being two popular options. However, it is essential to know that a minimum thickness of 3 to 4 cm is required to properly and reliably support the weight of the board.

How do I hang the wooden wall shelf on the wall?

A wooden wall shelf can be attached in two ways: floating or using shelf supports. There are several websites where you can find good tips. For example, through the explanation of VTwonen or Hubo.

From our own experience, we would also like to give you a tip for blind hanging of oak wall shelves. Oak is relatively heavy and because of this, not all traditional methods might work equally well and lead to a strong and robust result. Of course there will be several ways that lead to Rome but this is at least 1 way.

Tip: saw the board straight on 1 side

Old oak planks are rarely completely straight on the sides. Doesn’t this bring problems while hanging? The answer is no. Make sure the wooden board to be attached to the wall is re-cut on one long side. This process, also called “straight sawing,” removes only a few millimeters from the board on the side, but it results in a perpendicular and squared surface. This not only makes the shelf visually blend in nicely against the wall, but also provides a perpendicular surface in which to drill the holes straight.

After picking your favorite plank in our sheds, a plank can be directly “straight sawn” in our own sawmill. Convenient so this is no longer necessary at home!

Drill holes in the board

Then holes about 12 mm in diameter and 6 to 10 cm deep can be drilled on the side of the board. Similarly, drill holes of the same size in the wall. An M12 metal threaded rod can then be inserted into both holes to secure the shelf to the wall.

If the studs do not stay firmly in the wall, one option is to give them additional strength with glue. In general, however, it is not necessary to apply glue in the holes of the boards as well. The rough nature of wood, combined with the weight of the board, naturally provides adequate clamping force.

Wooden wall shelves are excellent for floating attachment to a wall, here are several useful tips for this. The method of creating a floating wall shelf is also called “blind hanging. Even an oak wall shelf, which is relatively heavy, is excellent for floating, if the wall is strong enough.

What does an oak wall shelf weigh?

The weight of an oak wall shelf depends on its size. Below are some weight indications for oak wall shelves 20 cm or 25 cm wide:

4 cm thick / 20 cm wide / 100 cm length / approximately 6 kg
4 cm thick / 20 cm wide / 200 cm length / approximately 12 kg
4 cm thick / 25 cm wide / 100 cm length / approximately 7.5 kg
4 cm thick / 25 cm wide / 200 cm length / approximately 15 kg

Why a (oak) wall shelf made of old wood?

A wall shelf made of old oak fits both modern and country interiors. Choosing wood has a number of advantages, first of all, it is incredibly strong and robust, and can hardly break. Second is the aesthetic aspect, an old wooden wall shelf can be a warm addition in an interior, the icing on the cake!

You can choose from a variety of old planks, such as:

Old oak wagon boards
Old oak log planks
French oak rail planks
19th century oak planks
Oak Reims planks
French oak planks
Harbor Shelves

Actually all types, appearances and sizes we have in the range.

What size sizes do you have in the range?

Actually, we have every conceivable and real size in stock. A wide wall shelf of 25 cm or 30 cm wide but also a long wooden wall shelf of 3 meters, 4 meters or even 5 meters.

Large batches of old wood
Large factory hall with old oak planks

What does an oak wall shelf at Frank Pouwer cost?

Since each board is a unique piece and no two boards are identical to another, we charge individual prices for each oak board.

It is understandable to want to know in advance what the boards would cost approximately. Some price indications for wood planks are listed below. There will always be boards priced lower or higher in the store, however, this gives a good idea.

Short (old) oak wall shelves, thickness approx. 4 cm

15 cm wide / 100 cm length / approximately €10 to €40.
20 cm wide / 100 cm length / approximately €20 to €50.
25 cm wide / 100 cm length / approximately €30 to €60.
30 cm wide / 100 cm length / approximately €40 to €90.

Medium (old) oak wall shelves, thickness approx. 4 cm

15 cm wide / 200 cm length / approximately €25 to €60.
20 cm wide / 200 cm length / approximately €35 to €110.
25 cm wide / 200 cm length / approximately € 65 to € 160.
30 cm wide / 200 cm length / approximately € 125 to € 245.

Long (old) oak wall shelves, thickness approx. 4 cm

15 cm wide / 300 cm length / approximately €45 to €100.
20 cm wide / 300 cm length / approximately €95 to €170.
25 cm wide / 300 cm length / approximately € 125 to € 235.
30 cm wide / 300 cm length / approximately € 195 to € 295.

There are also longer wooden wall shelves with lengths up to 8 meters. The prices of these are on request.

Surcharge treatments oak wall shelf

‘Straight sawing’: € 7.50 per board
Our sawmill is open and this service can be provided immediately.

‘Drilling holes’: €10 per hole
Gerrit and Dion of “Special Table,” located at the same address as Frank Pouwer, scheduled this and the shelf would be ready at a later date. For questions about this service contact them.

Can I buy the oak wall shelves online from you?

In fact, our boards are not suitable for buying unseen. Each (old) oak plank is unique, with its own characteristic features. That’s why we encourage you to stop by in person and pick out your own planks. How fun is that? Unlike a webshop, we believe that interior design enthusiasts are best able to evaluate and choose the shelves in person.

We welcome you to our physical location, ‘De Oude Steenfabriek’ in Doorwerth, where you will have the chance to choose between all types of wall shelves!

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