Patagonia Amsterdam | Old Oak Wagon plank flooring

Opened tomorrow from 08:00


Old wooden wall cladding

Old oak wall cladding

Barnwood wall covering

Reclaimed wood beams

Reclaimed mooring posts

Reclaimed elm beams

Reclaimed Oregon pine beams

Reclaimed oak beams

Reclaimed pine beams

Old oak child beams

Old purlins

Old wooden pedestal

Reclaimed wood planks

Old harbor shelves

Oak railway sleepers

Reclaimed oak winepress planks

Reclaimed pine planks

Oak Reims planks

French oak planks

Reclaimed oak planks

Old oak planks

Barnwood planks

Live edge oak planks

Reclaimed wagon boards

Reclaimed hardwood wagonboards

Reclaimed pine wagonboards

Reclaimed oak wagonboards planed

Reclaimed oak wagonboards brushed

Air dried oak beams

Long oak beams

Oak beams air dried

Oak purlins wind-dried

Long oak planks

Oak slats air dried

Wood flooring

Reclaimed oak flooring

French oak flooring

Reclaimed oregon pine flooring

Old pine floor

Wood ceiling

Old oak roof boarding

Old roof boarding boards

French oak roof boarding

Wood cladding

Oak cladding

Oak table

Reclaimed oak table

Wagon plank table

Oak monastery table

Oak tree trunk table

Old oak outdoor table

Architectural collection

Antique French oak beams

18th century oak beams

Majestic antique oak beams

Silver seasoned oak beams

19th century elm beams


Opened tomorrow from 08:00

+31(0) 488 455 025


A fun and also very educational collaboration with the clothing brand Patagonia began six months ago at the lumber yard. We welcomed a new client for a tour. There we heard about the new Patagonia store that was to open in Amsterdam and that a floor was needed for it. The globally known brand wanted to gain a foothold in the Netherlands, and a flagship store in the heart of Amsterdam fit perfectly into that strategy.

We were told that Patagonia’s founder transferred 98% of the company’s shares to a foundation in 2022, with the goal of funding climate projects. He declared,“The earth is now our only shareholder.” So it wasn’t just about selling clothes. Patagonia has a very clear vision of sustainability, and so it is with the design of their first Dutch store.

The used oak wagon plank floor…

Our clients usually have clear criteria for the look of a wood floor, but this time it was different. Patagonia asked if we could provide a wood floor made 100 percent from used materials. In addition, enough of a lot had to be available and the material would also be hard-wearing so that it could last for years and years. After much brainstorming, old oak wagon plank flooring turned out to be the best option.

old oak wagon plank floor patagonia store amsterdam
facade patagonia store amsterdam singel
patagonia outdoor brand
old oak wagon plank floor

The reuse of materials...

Patagonia also sees a role in creating awareness about resource use. Our collaboration also focused on the story behind the oak wagon plank flooring and the importance of reuse and attention to using resources sparingly. An information kiosk was also placed in the store highlighting this theme, and to make their customers aware of the possibilities of recycled materials, and that it can be done in other ways when decorating a store. This rather special request taught us something new, something that is a less central theme with other clients: it showed that there are companies where the focus is not on shareholders who want to maximize profits, but rather on our own planet and how Patagonia’s resources can be spent to protect our own earth as best we can.

We hope Patagonia can inspire others to become aware of the possibilities of old wagon boards. They took a nice role in this!

earth is now our only shareholder
singel amsterdam patagonia premises
staircase of old oak wagon boards patagonia store

We are in business to save our home planet

Just before the opening, we got one last question. Did you use oak to cut out the letters for our mission statement? Of course we have! Because oak is a wood species prone to warping after sawing, we chose to select and plane used 19th-century oak planks that are completely heart-free. All in all, it turned out to be a fantastic end result!

we're in business to save our planet
patagonia brand on facade building

Check out the store and the old wooden floor!

A visit to the store is well worth it. The store is located in the former premises of the legendary RoXY nightclub. This iconic venue played a central role in Amsterdam’s house and techno culture in the 1990s and was known for its extravagant performances.

The address: Singel 465 in Amsterdam.

Did you know that Patagonia donates 1% of their sales directly to conservation and restoration of natural habitats? Read more about Patagonia’s vision.

Photography: Joost van Deijzen
Brand retail experience: Option A

stairs old oak planks patagonia
singel church amsterdam


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